For Mexico City Pride 2024, we had the pleasure of making a custom gown for the drag performer, Posse (IG: @posseesposse). The look, a gold halter bubble ruche skirt gown paired with a matching snood gave 'golden goddess from the ancient world' after being flawlessly styled by Posse herself. Team AJ asked Posse some questions to get more insight to her unmatched artistry. 


(Image credit IG: @lauradann)


AJ: What is the essence of Posse?
P: Posse helps to portray my feminine side, but not the timeworn femininity I grew up with— where it was seen as an inferior version in the gender role fantasy— but the femininity of an unapologetic, intimidating, seductive being, who might seem intimidating on the outside, but at the same time breaks that appearance by being welcoming, playful, foolish and a little flirty.


(Image credit IG: @lauradann)


AJ: Who is your inspiration when dressing Posse?
P: I’m inspired by everyone I see who feels confident in their own skin and in their body. It helps me remember that the most important thing when dressing is to feel good about my body and have fun, which helps me be sexy and confident when I look in the mirror.
 I like to give every look a bit of my own sense of style, and you know you can’t buy style, so mine has been nourished by all the visual references of what I would consider “a stylish woman” that I have felt attracted to at some point in my life.


(Image credit IG: @lauradann)


AJ: Where were you when you first dressed in drag?
P: I was at a moment in my life where I started to question the rules of society, and little by little, I started breaking the ordinance I was attached to.
Physically, I was in an old majestic theater called FruFru, right in downtown Mexico City, celebrating Halloween, and dressed as Conchita Wurst.


(Image credit IG: @medero_)
AJ: When you are on stage, how does it feel to wear Andrew James?
 P: I feel confident, comfortable, sexy and edgy, and at the same time grateful for being dressed by the work of talented friends.
AJ: What is your favorite Andrew James piece?
P: I have a couple, I like the two piece Veleno set in Ecru and the closing dress from the 'Astral Realm' show that I wore.
(Image credit IG: @mir.pix)
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